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Store Policies


All Sales are FINAL.

All exceptions must be approved by ownership.

Preorder and Back Order Policy

Geekified.com uses a number of distributors instead of relying on a single distributor to get product on time. We will always attempt to fill each and every order. For reasons beyond our control delays, augmentations, or cancellations may be necessary.

In situations where manufacturers release product in waves or partial quantities we start our shipping process at the oldest pre-orders/back-orders first. 

All preorders/back orders require full payment at the time the preorder/back order is placed.

All Pre-Orders are NON-REFUNDABLE. It is our company policy that we do not cancel preorders as we place our preorder quantities with our distributors based off the number of preorders we get for each item.

We realize that emergencies happen, and some customers have a need to cancel a preorder. In this rare instance, we can usually make a one-time exception but not guaranteed if the order has already been placed with our distributer, however, there is a 10% preorder cancellation fee that we charge of the order total as well as any fees we may occur from processing the transaction (Paypal Fees). As an example, if your preorder total with shipping was $200 then we would only credit back $180.  

If there is an issue on our end, we will issue a full refund – this does not include delays on shipping from the distributor or companies releasing in waves. 

We reserve the right to cancel any orders for any reason at any time. If we need to cancel an order, we will email the customer, but are under no obligation to obtain permission or acknowledgement, prior to cancellation.



Pre-Register/Register means we are reserving your spot that could be open to another player.

Should participation prizes be awarded, one will be given ONLY if supplies last.

Store Credit CANNOT be used towards tournament/event registration.

If event cannot be run refunds will be disbursed.


Currently, Geekified only offers 40% of total value on cards for CCGs to be used towards In-Store Credit.

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